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      CFD contract for difference is a contract transaction that does not involve the exchange of physical goods or securities, and only the difference between the settlement price and the contract price for cash settlement.

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      The trading rules for CFDs are the same as short trading rules. You choose to go long and choose to short a single contract, the same amount of margin, and no additional margin is required.

      By trading CFDs, you can trade stocks, indices or futures, etc., with less cost and the same benefits. Because the quote is instant, the transaction is completed on the fly, there are no other trading restrictions such as delaying the transaction.

      CFD CFDs can be short traded and can also be profitable in the event of a falling price.

      Trading Product Terms

      For detailed trading product terms, please see the list below.
      If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time via online consultation/email/telephone.

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