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Introducing Doo PAMM

Doo PAMM Professional Investment

What is Doo PAMM

Doo PAMM, short for Percentage Allocation Management Module, is a unique investment service that allows you to invest your funds with top professional traders, and benefit from a percentage of their returns.

Doo PAMM investment return scheme

How Doo PAMM Works

Doo PAMM operates as a mutually beneficial collaboration between two essential roles: the PAMM Master trader and the Follower Investor.

Doo PAMM Investment Master

The PAMM Master

An experienced trader who manages a PAMM Master account, utilizing their trading expertise to trade on the aggregated funds of themselves and the followers’. They hold the responsibility for all trading decisions and are accountable for the account’s performance.

Doo PAMM Investment Followers

The PAMM Follower

Individuals who select one or more Masters to invest funds with. They do not have control over trading decisions, but they share the account’s profits or losses.

How Master Traders Benefit

Doo PAMM access to capital and earn

Access to Capital & Earn

Masters can connect with a wide range of followers who need to contribute their own capital in each case, thus allowing the master to trade on a larger capital, while also gaining from a Performance Fee.

Doo PAMM save time and hassle

Save time and hassle

Doo PAMM automatically distributes profits and losses between Masters and Followers based on assigned funds. This can save you a lot of time and hassle by not worrying about tracking or distributing profits and losses yourself.

Doo PAMM enhance your trading skills

Enhance your trading skills

Use Doo PAMM's user-friendly performance monitoring to track progress and find areas for improvement, leading to better trading performance.

How Follower Investors Benefit

Doo PAMM full control of your money

Full control of your money

Followers have complete control over their money. They can assign and withdraw funds at any time, and they can also propose their own trading offers to Masters. This gives you the flexibility to invest when you want, how you want, and with whom you want.

Doo PAMM no need to track profits and loss

No need to track profits and losses

All profit, loss, and fee distributions are handled automatically by the Doo PAMM Service. This means you can focus on your investment goals, without having to worry about the nitty-gritty details.

Doo PAMM find the right master

Find the right Master for you

The Doo PAMM Service provides public monitoring and performance charts for all PAMM Masters. This allows you to easily research and compare different Masters, helping you find the right fit for your risk tolerance and investment goals when making an investment decision.

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